Brand Protection

Brand protection is our own unique technique we use to detect infringement, record it and act against it. In this way we protect your brands and ensure that abuse and infringement is prevented.

Brand protection

Market places
Continuously hundreds of market places are being searched to detect fake products and illegal sellers.
Websites that use your brand name are detected and forced to stop their infringement.
Social media
Infiltration into hundreds of private social media groups ensures that we signal and stop hidden commerce.

What is protection of a brand?

Brand protection makes it possible to detect abuse and infringement and act against it. If you have registered trademarks and/ or models, our specialists can actively search for unwanted usage and take action against it.
How does protection work?

Brand protection has three layers. These are:

  1. Marketplace protection
  2. Domain protection
  3. Social protection

Marketplace protection

We’ve developed the suitable techniques for every group. By scanning hundreds of platforms we make an estimate of the chance of infringement on a certain marketplace. Depending on the sellers’ profiles, their offers and their prices, smart software is able to detect if possible infringement might occur.

As soon as these profiles are set up, we can conduct further research and collect evidence. We are also able to determine whether we should act ourselves or if we should possibly involve the police and the public prosecution.

Domain Protection

This kind of protection searches for webshops and domain names infringing on your brand rights. Protecting is aimed at taking down these webshops by threatening with legal measures and to take domain names down facilitating such infringements.

Social Protection

With social protection we research profiles of people on social media and infiltrate on social media groups to check what is being sold in these groups. We are currently in hundreds of closed groups and might be able to assess which groups might pose a risk, based on the behavior of its members.

What are the costs of brand protection?

The costs are dependent on the kind of protection. Is it about taking action against fake articles on online market places or social media? Does it concern customs or is it about acting against other domain name holders who are using your name?

Depending on the answers to these questions we are setting up a plan and discuss the costs with you.

Where can you protect your brand?
It is possible to focus yourself on three areas. These areas are the Benelux, Europe and worldwide. These also happen to be the regions for registering brand rights. A brand cannot be registered in the Netherlands only, as it is registered in as a Benelux brand registration automatically. Of course we can check which countries to use when it comes to a worldwide registration, yet an international research remains a possibility.
What are the conditions of protection?
In order to be able to act against parties abusing your brand, some conditions have to be met. The most important is that your brand is protecting in some kind of way. Think about registration of your brand name, logo and models.
How does protection of brands work on the internet?
Brand protection nowadays more or less originates on the internet. At least, first research is conducted there. For example, we infiltrate in closed groups on Facebook among others, and search hundreds of marketplaces. Based on the prices and users we can estimate whether there is a case of fake articles or brand infringement. If we notice it, we’ll collect evidence and we act, in consultation with you. it might be that we’ll send legal letters or that we’ll involve the police and public prosecution.
Why is protection important?

Through brand protection you are able to maintain a strong brand position. There are numerous brands known that have suffered tremendously from imitation. Often when it comes to bags, wallets and suitcases, people sooner assume it is fake than real.


Protecting your brand doesn’t stop with registering your brand and models. It’s actually just the start of it all.

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What are the benefits of protection?

If others abuse your brand name or sell fake products, your brand suffers as a result of it. This can cost you a lot of money by missed revenue or worsening brand image, because producers of fake articles don’t value quality that much.

Because we act against it we can demand compensation. This can be a compensation or indemnity for legal costs incurred.

Brand protection