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We’ll always do a check whether your name or logo is still available, making sure you can register or not.

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Our trademark agent always guarantees that your trademarks and designs are filed by authorized trademark attorneys.


We work with set rates for all registrations. This way you’ll always know beforehand what the costs will be.


A lot can be arranged online, yet personal contact has its benefits and that’s why you can always reach us.

What we do at MerkenSpot

Our trademark agents are the specialist for registration in the Benelux, Europe and worldwide. In a hurry? Know that our brand agency can apply within 24 hours.
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Trademark infringement

Register trademarks

Our trademark office is the specialist for registration in the Benelux, Europe and worldwide. In a hurry? Know that our brand agency can apply within 24 hours.

Design registration

Protecting a model is not easy. Often the registration is refused because it is submitted incorrectly. Our design attorneys prevent this.

Trademark infringement

You register your trademakr for lots of reasons. And if it happens that others use your name or logo without permission, you want to take action against infringement. We are also the right party for you to do so.

Is your trademark still available?

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Trademark agent MerkenSpot

What we do most

Our trademark agency specializes in international trademarks and designs. From the Benelux and Europe to registrations worldwide. That’s why we’re looking forward to showing you what we’re doing and love to help your business with a trademark registration.
  • Trademarks 100% 100%
  • Designs 91% 91%
  • Infringement 72% 72%
  • Settlements 68% 68%

Frequently asked questions

What are the costs of a trademark agent?

The costs for a trademark registration via trademark agencies composed of fees and costs for research and applying for brand registration. Below you can see what the costs are for the Netherlands, meaning the Benelux and Europe. When it comes to registering in Europe, it is preferable to register in the European Union. You will get registration protection within the whole EU.

We work with fixed rates for all registrations, meaning you’ll exactly know what the costs will be. Very convenient, as you’ll always exactly know what you can expect from us.

What are the benefits of registering through a trademark agency?

It is advisable to register via an agent, If you want to prevent rejection or an objection procedure. An official brand agency has dedicated trademark attorneys. These professionals bear a protected title and did an additional course, making them specialists in registering brands and models. Besides that, we have a broad international network allowing us to register quickly, if need be.

Most law firms don’t have these dedicated trademark attorneys. Simply because most law firms just view intellectual property as a side job. We think that’s odd, because name and logo registrations have to be interpreted to the letter. Especially when it comes to determining the categories with similar names operating in the same international markets.

How does a trademark agent determine categories?

Besides the previously mentioned benefits, a trademark agent can decide which categories to register in for you. this sounds easy, but its custom work and is very delicate. If you don’t determine the categories and register in them, it’ll often happen that you won’t have the brand protection you’d hoped for.

This is because a different brand with a similar name can register or file a complaint, which is hard to win, allowing the newer brand to exist besides yours. Even though they appear very similar.

Determine the categories yourself, and have the risk that an older registered brand will file a complaint against you.

How does opposition at a trademark office work?

If you are about to register your brand or logo, older trademarks will have the opportunity to file a complaint. This may result in opposition or an opposition procedure.

Both parties will have the possibility to specify why they think that registration of the newer brand is permissible or not.

Eventually, a settlement can be arranged for both parties to exist alongside each other, but it may be possible that a court has to determine the verdict in this matter.

Where you can find us
Our trademark agents are located in Utrecht. We also have locations in Amsterdam, Breda, Eindhoven en Maastricht. Our international network spans across the EU, like in Germany, France and the UK. We are also well represented globally, like in the US, China and actually in all 196 internationally recognized independent countries.
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Get advice

We understand that you want to minimize risks when registering and we can imagine that you have no idea how to file a registration internationally.

Therefore, all types of organizations choose our trademark agents to guide you through the process. From governments to companies, foundations and associations.