Trademark registration

Free check to see whether your trademark is still available?



We always check your trademark. In order for you to know in advance whether it is available or not.


We guide you through the whole process and when you do have any question we are here to help you.


Registering a trademark does not stop at filing and that is why we also watch your trademark.

What are the costs of registering a trademark?

We work with fixed prices. That way you will always know what the prices are of a trademark registration before you apply. This price includes support throughout the whole process and you can call or email us as often as you’d like, without a ticker starting to count.

We will check if your trademark is still available and if it isn’t being used by other parties. We will determine the categories in which your trademark has to be registered and we will consult in which countries or regions the registration has to be submitted.

Trademark registration Benelux

A trademark application in the Netherlands is also a registration in the Benelux. You will get protection with one registration in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxemburg. The costs for registering in the Benelux are € 475,-.

Trademark registration Europe

The costs for trademark registration in Europe – meaning the European Union – are € 1299,-.

Trademark registration worldwide

The costs for registration of your trademark worldwide depend on a lot of factors. If you want to register your trademark internationally, we will have to check in which countries you want to get it done. We can register in any country in the world, but often that’s not necessary. You’d rather select a few countries and register there.

When it comes to international trademark application there is a division between countries who are a member of the Treaty of Madrid and countries who aren’t. When countries are member of this treaty it means that registration will be much cheaper compared to countries who aren’t in this treaty.

Of course the costs of a worldwide trademark application are fixed as well and you don’t have to worry about excessive hourly rates.

It is important to let our professionals register your brand. Especially if you want to register in the Benelux, Europe or international.

BENELUX Complete

Availability check

Registration 1 class Benelux

More classes optional

Registration for 10 years

BENELUX Full option

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Registration 1 class Benelux

More classes optional

Registration for 10 years

Registration Guaranteed!

Extensive research and analysis



Availability check

Registration 1 class in the EU

More classes optional

Registration for 10 years

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“MerkenSpot was able to submit my brands within 24 hours of application, which was decisive for us because we wanted to launch new online platforms.”


S. Polak

Owner media business, Amsterdam

We could not decide what route for our international registration was the cheapest. MerkenSpot gave us the advice we needed. 


I. Berkman

Development manager, Den Haag

“I hesitated between registering my logo and registering the brand name, fortunately the MerkenSpot advised me so that I did not have to choose.”


M. Demirdag

Owner shoe company, Spain

Trademark registration

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Frequently asked questions about trademark applications

Why do you have to register your trademark?
Registering your trademark is a first important step when you have a new brand. Both as a startup and for an organization already around for years. To prevent others claiming your trademark or use your success you have to register your trademark.

Not only does registering give you protection against infringement, it adds value over time as well. A registered trademark is put on the active side – asset – on your balance sheet. A non-registered trademark can never add value and won’t be an asset when selling your company.

How can you register a trademark?
You can register your trademark yourself or have it done by others. We’d love to explain what the difference is and why having a registration done is far less risky, giving you more protection as a result. Next to choosing the right Nice-classes, we advise you for your trademark registratin in Europe and worldwide.
What are the benefits?
There are two main reason for trademark registration. The first is the protection of your trademark and everything surrounding it. A registered trademark can act against infringement and demand other companies to cease using your trademark.

With trademark watch you can also prevent other companies from registering a new brand under the same or under a similar trademark, thus preventing infringement on your trademark.

Secondly, registering a trademark will add significant value over time to a brand. A non-registered trademark will never be able to build up value, no real value at least. A registered trademark can be put on the balance sheet as an asset. The asset side of the balance sheet will display the possession side of any organization and will thus represent value.

This is important when the value of a brand or company has to be determined. The value of the trademark has to be known when you want to take on another brand, via a license agreement for example. think of franchise in cases like this.

When do you have to register a trademark?
You have to do a trademark application if you still in the startup phase but also if your company has been around for years and it isn’t registered yet or when a new brand is being launched.

We are doing trademark applications for brand names, startups, large enterprises and the government daily. Whether you are just starting out or you are around for years. We will protect your trademark through filing in Europe and worldwide, but it doesn’t end there. Through trademark watch we will make sure that similar trademarks won’t stand a chance.

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